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The Myth of Customer Loyalty

As soon as a company stops being useful, customers leave. And that’s why customer loyalty is a myth.

Things can only get…worse?

We live in a world that is perfecting the functional experience at the expense of the emotional experience.

Customer Experience 2018 – WARC interview

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Design for the 99(%)

Want to give your customers a better experience? Maybe take a leaf out of Amazon’s book and stop treating them like criminals.

The Reality of Perception

We all see the world from where we stand, so to unlock real insight, you need to continually challenge your perspectives…

The Thick End of the Wedge

What can a failed newspaper teach us about the importance of truly understanding what customers want?

The Alice in Wonderland guide to career planning

What can Alice and the Cheshire Cat teach us about career planning? Focus on the journey, not the destination…