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(It’s not) All About the Money

Giving customers money when they complain will make them go away, but might also mean they don’t come back…


The Reality of Perception

We all see the world from where we stand, so to unlock real insight, you need to continually challenge your perspectives…


‘The Great Acceleration’ by Robert Colvile

There are many books written about new technology, and there are many books written about human nature. But this book manages to be one of the few that successfully combines both…


Doubling the Dots

Want to come up with better ideas? Get more parts on the table…


The Effortless Economy

I was recently reminded of how crucial effortlessness is in creating a brilliant
customer experience, whether that company be an old dog, or a Silicon Valley pup full of new tricks…


The Thick End of the Wedge

What can a failed newspaper teach us about the importance of truly understanding what customers want?

A yellow fish swim in the opposite direction of a group : Think

Unpredictable individualism

People will choose the most useful option for them in that moment – and may choose differently every time. Welcome to the world of customer divergence.