Category: Strategy

Next Generation Innovation

Three things I learnt about next-generation innovation from watching successful student start-ups…

The Made-up Theory of Structured Flexibility

How do you create great experiences for customers, colleagues, and yourself? Have a direction, but give yourself freedom…

There’s No Time Like the Future

It’s easy to predict that the future will arrive, but it’s far harder to predict what it will look like. So why should we try guess what’s going to happen – and how can doing so help us be, well, better?

The Power of Perspective

Understanding the other person’s perception is vital, whether you’re serving customers, running a team, or just trying to be efficient. So why do so many people find it so hard?

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Human

So the world has changed, life has changed, we’ve all gone digital and we don’t know why we make most of the decisions we do. But the experience is increasingly what people pay for, with the best experiences retaining a human element

Why I Love Chiltern Railways

Ok, I admit it. I love Chiltern Railways. But when you read why, you’ll want to move to Buckinghamshire and travel with them too…