Human Behaviour

Human Behaviour

Life Lessons from the Legend of Zelda

A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany whilst playing my Nintendo Switch. It This game of monsters and mystical lands is far closer to real life than I’d expected…

Modern Day Fears

Forget spiders, snakes, and tall buildings. These are the things that really keep us up at night.

The Reality of Perception

We all see the world from where we stand, so to unlock real insight, you need to continually challenge your perspectives…

The Way You Make Me Feel

If it’s true that the only thing that matters in life is how you make people feel, then what does this mean for a purposeful career and a customer-led company?

Watching the Pennies

This week I bought an Apple Watch – and in my struggle to find a use for it, I was reminded of our skewed psychology of money…

Revealing Preferences at BX2015

This week, the biggest and brightest minds in global Behavioural Insight scurried across Westminster bridge and into the dark depths of the Park Plaza. Here’s some of the things I learnt…

Stop, Look, and Listen

What happens when you take your headphones out and listen to the world around you? If you’re on a Chiltern Railways train, quite a lot, it seems…

The News: A User’s Manual by Alain De Botton

Are we addicted to the news? How do we really understand what customers value? And where can I find a historical timeline of people mocking new technologies, only to be proved brilliantly wrong?

Deciding How to Decide

Kahneman, Gigeringzer, and Rosling all know how to make better decisions. Here’s my summary of what they say – now you just need to decide to read it…

An Evening of Behavioural Science with the ITC

On Thursday night, I had the pleasure of attending a small event in a delightful Art Gallery, hosted by the Independent Transport Commission – how can we use Behavioural Science to inform transport policy?

It’s Good to Talk

Good decisions come from understanding a range of perspectives – even if that means talking about topics that you’d really rather avoid, with people you’d really rather ignore…

The Right to be Wrong

I’ve come to the conclusion that actually, despite the negative press it often receives, being wrong is great.

The Power of Perspective

Understanding the other person’s perception is vital, whether you’re serving customers, running a team, or just trying to be efficient. So why do so many people find it so hard?