Thanks for looking at my website.

If like most people you’re a bit short on time, then let me save you some. I’m intrigued by why people do what they do, really enjoy coaching, love coming up with new ideas, and seem to have decided that writing words is much more fun now than when I was at school. You might like this website if you work in Customer Experience, or work in Marketing, or are interested in people, or know people, or are a person.

As well as my articles on here, I have the privilege of writing in fits and starts for some excellent websites:


What’s Wrong With the Mainstream? – The best site for new music, helping me to try and look cool in front of my friends

Team Pannier – Exquisite cycling site by friends who love a long trek with bags on their bikes

I’ve written a couple of things for The Guardian too – like this, and this.

Finally, here’s some of the best videos I’ve seen – if you’ve got hours to kill, click below for my playlists:

A few interesting videos to get your brain thinking

A few inspiring videos to get your blood pumping

I hope you enjoy what you find here, and of course, all opinions are my own…