(This is the best photo of me ever taken)

Hello, I’m John.

This is where I write things. Mostly on making things better for customers, sometimes on career development, and occasionally on the funny ways that humans behave.

I’ve been featured in The Guardian, write regularly for Management Today and WARC, and am a member of the 26 Writing group. I’ve had some words featured in some books alongside several short stories shortlisted for awards.

When I’m not writing you as a Partner at The Foundation creating customer-led success. Or hanging around the Arsenal stadium.

You can see what I’ve been up to for the last 20 years on LinkedIn, join my slightly underwhelming following on Twitter, or get a daily dose of facepalm-worthy customer experiences on Instagram.

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Customer Experience

Self Development


“The trick to having good ideas is not to try and think big thoughts. It’s to get more parts on the table

Steven Johnson

“People can maintain a belief, however absurd, if surrounded by like-minded thinkers”

Dan Dennett

“Only assign yourself to a position when you can equally argue the opposite view”

Daniel Kahneman