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Next Generation Motivation

The next generation of ambitious graduates are here. They’ll need more than sun, sea, and spreadsheets to stay motivated…


The Alice in Wonderland guide to career planning

What can Alice and the Cheshire Cat teach us about career planning? Focus on the journey, not the destination…

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The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathan Haidt

‘The Happiness Hypothesis’ tackles morality, religion, knowledge, community, and adversity. And it does it brilliantly…

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In Search of Certainty

I recently ordered a large plate of nachos. And that got me thinking about the need for certainty in our lives, whether as a customer, a career-planner, or a commuter…

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The Way You Make Me Feel

If it’s true that the only thing that matters in life is how you make people feel, then what does this mean for a purposeful career and a customer-led company?

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Life lessons from everyone you’ve ever met

There’s a saying that you’re everyone you’ve ever met. Here’s a few lessons I’ve learnt from some helpful chance encounters…

The only three things you need to know about Leadership

The only three things you need to know about Leadership

There’s only three things you need to know about good leadership – Know your people, know your people, know your people…