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Scooters, Stomachs, and Screentime: Welcome to the World in 2019.

The future’s already here… with a summary of the best (and worst) of the 2019 trends reports.

The Myth of Customer Loyalty

As soon as a company stops being useful, customers leave. And that’s why customer loyalty is a myth.

Unpredictable individualism

People will choose the most useful option for them in that moment – and may choose differently every time. Welcome to the world of customer divergence.

Originals by Adam Grant

It’s always a good sign when, before finishing a book, you’ve already bought a copy for two people and recommend it to several others. Here’s the bits I enjoyed the most…

It’s Not Me, It’s You

If a customer makes a mistake, it’s the companies fault for making it possible for a mistake to be made. Welcome to Customer Experience in 2016…

Trends Reunited

So Friends Reunited is no more. But it leaves us with lessons in social networking, online stalking, and the importance of keeping an eye on the trends shaping the world we live in.

Goggles, Heartbeats, and Novelty Socks. Welcome to 2016.

The future’s made of Virtual Reality, surrounded by beard-less Hipsters and colourful socks. Here’s my summary of the 2016 trends reports…