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Revealing Preferences at BX2015

This week, the biggest and brightest minds in global Behavioural Insight scurried across Westminster bridge and into the dark depths of the Park Plaza. Here’s some of the things I learnt…

The Right to be Wrong

I’ve come to the conclusion that actually, despite the negative press it often receives, being wrong is great.

Nudgestock2 in Fifteen Handy Quotes

Nudgestock is quite frankly, the best (non) conference I’ve been too.

An introduction to Behaving Irrationally – Dan Ariely

Irrational or not, Dan Ariely has some interesting thoughts on why we behave the way we do…

The trouble with Treating Customers Fairly

Why are we so obsessed by treating customers fairly? Does it matter? And what is ‘fair’, anyway?

The Paradox of Choice – Barry Schwartz

We all want more choice, but we all hate making decisions. So what’s the answer? Read on…