Nudgestock2 in Fifteen Handy Quotes

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I’d never even heard of Deal to be honest, but getting off the train it didn’t take long to realise I was in the right place.

Overhearing ‘We should just use the heuristic of following everyone else to find the place’ confirmed that I was in the presence of like-minded Behavioural Geeks, breaking free from £5-a-pint London for a lovely day at the seaside.

Nudgestock is, quite frankly, the best (non) conference I’ve been too. Superb location, intelligent & friendly people, beautiful venue, and unbelievably good Wifi. Honestly, it didn’t drop all day. Remarkable for somewhere outside of the M25. Really impressive. I mean, obviously the speakers were the best bit. But the Wifi was good…

Anyhow, in a world designed for efficiency and bite-sized content, here’s the best of Nudgestock, in 15 easy probably-accurate quotes…

‘Deal is to Behavioural Science what Palermo is to organised crime’

Rory Sutherland, confusing Kent-based house price surveyors everywhere

‘Get control of your data’

Armand Leroi, demonstrating the true power of Run DMC

‘We’re motivated by our perception of our relative position against our peers’

George Cooper, making us question why we spend more than £6.99 on a watch

‘Design with people to help them solve the problems in their everyday lives. Pave the cow paths.’

Dan Lockton, winner of ‘talk of the day’ in my unscientific poll of 4 people

‘Ultimately, people like reassurance and security’

David Bodanis, having dispelled the myths of the ten commandments, whilst making male audience members feel distinctly average.

‘Dare to be trivial’

Jez Groom, making us all want a Perrier

‘Trivial and Titanium plated nudges that work from #ogilvychange and #nudgestock’

@GregBDavies, banishing the ghosts of Nudgestock 2013

‘When you pay attention to one thing you may miss something else’

Rob Teszka, befuddling the front row with classic card trickery

‘Always challenge your assumptions’

Paul Craven, shortly after making the whole audience wave their hands and feet in the air

‘Who’s read ‘Thinking Fast & Slow’?’

Paul Craven – like asking ‘Who Likes Arsenal?’ in the Emirates stadium

‘Help people help themselves’

Jude Law lookalike Ed Gardiner

‘Scientists don’t need to be business leaders but business leaders need to be scientific’

Kelly Peters, reminding us why we’re here 

‘We can not win wars with commercialisation. It takes a behavioural approach’

 Steve Tatham, bringing home the importance of understanding why people do what they do

‘Hyper-rational executives produce hyper-boring products’

Jules Goddard closing the day in hyper-interesting style

‘1 minute left’

The @OgilvyChange team to Rory Sutherland. Frequently.



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