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17 Career Rules (and counting)

There’s a saying that you’re everyone you’ve ever met. Here’s a few lessons I’ve learnt from some helpful chance encounters…

Stand By Me

Before lockdown hit, I went shopping with a customer to see whether how she said she shopped actually had any correlation to how she behaved. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

Reading List

These are the non-fiction books that have shaped my perspective on the world, all scoring very highly on the controversial ‘page-corner-folding’ rating scale.

Stand and Deliver

Stringent policies and procedures frustrate your colleagues and customers alike. Often the best customer experiences come when employees feel they can stand in front of the rules.

The Visitor

Another normal day, another normal commute, and I’ve got my normal standing spot by the bin-seat, a useful substitute for when my legs start to give way should one of those very-rare, nearly-never-happen, but-when-they-do-they-take-ages delays occur.

The Reality of Perception

We all see the world from where we stand, so to unlock real insight, you need to continually challenge your perspectives…

In Search of Certainty

I recently ordered a large plate of nachos. And that got me thinking about the need for certainty in our lives, whether as a customer, a career-planner, or a commuter…

The Way You Make Me Feel

If it’s true that the only thing that matters in life is how you make people feel, then what does this mean for a purposeful career and a customer-led company?

Why I Love Chiltern Railways

Ok, I admit it. I love Chiltern Railways. But when you read why, you’ll want to move to Buckinghamshire and travel with them too…