Reading List

These are the non-fiction books that have shaped my perspective on the world, all scoring very highly on the controversial ‘page-corner-folding’ rating scale.

(Also in writing the list I became very aware that nearly all are by male authors, so asked for some recommendations on LinkedIn, and got this great list as a result).

Big perspectives on how the world works

Prisoners of GeographyTim Marshall

SapiensYuval Noah Harari

FactfulnessHans Rosling

The Righteous MindJonathon Haidt

The Pleasures and Sorrows of WorkAlain de Botton

Any Malcolm Gladwell

Human Behaviour

Thinking, Fast and SlowDaniel Kahneman

DriveDan Pink

The Paradox of ChoiceBarry Schwartz

NudgeCass Sunstein and Richard Thaler

Predictably IrrationalDan Ariely

ScarcityEldar Shafir and Sendhil Mullainathan

Risk SavvyGerd Gigerenzer

Watching the English Dr. Kate Fox


Where Good Ideas Come FromSteven Johnson

How We Got to NowSteven Johnson

OriginalsAdam Grant

One Plus One Equals ThreeDave Trott

EndsJoe McLoed

Good Strategy Bad Strategy Richard P. Rumelt

It Might Be An Apple – Shinsuke Yoshitake

A Technique For Producing Ideas – James Webb Young

Personal Development

FlowMihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The 80/20 PrincipleRichard Koch

The 4 Hour Work WeekTim Ferris

The Chimp ParadoxSteve Peters

The Happiness HypothesisJonathan Haidt

OutliersMalcolm Gladwell

The SHED methodSara Milne Rowe


The Inner Game of TennisTim Gallwey

Effective CoachingMyles Downey

The Really Good Fun Cartoon Book of NLPPhilip Miller

Using Your Brain, For a ChangeRichard Bandler


On WritingStephen King

Eats, Shoots, and LeavesLynne Truss

Thanks for reading this, I really hope you enjoyed it. You can find me:

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