Tag: Customer Loyalty

The Myth of Customer Loyalty

As soon as a company stops being useful, customers leave. And that’s why customer loyalty is a myth.

Design With The End In Mind

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. Another example of the importance of certainty in the world of customer experience…

The Shifting Balance of Power

As customer-led becomes the norm for companies, what does that mean for the balance between customer and business? Clue: the customer isn’t always right…

The Unexpected Brilliance of Cash-Only Experiences

How is it that a cash-only restaurant in the middle of London can be so successful? It’s all about the customer experience…

The (Christmas) Tipping Point

In amongst the Mariah, Macaulay, and Mistletoe madness in the lead up to Christmas, one thing is rarely mentioned – giving a little extra to the men and women who bring things to our houses when we’re too lazy to stand, walk, and get it ourselves.

Nudgestock2 in Fifteen Handy Quotes

Nudgestock is quite frankly, the best (non) conference I’ve been too.

Human content in a digital world

The best content needs to not only be good, but human. That’s possible by being interesting, positive, and relevant…