Nudgestock 2017 in 10 handy quotes

For one day in June, a clifftop pavillion on the South Coast of England plays host to a festival of behavioural science. My exceptionally talented colleague @larakottsieper was there on Friday, and has carried on the tradition of a post-Nudgestock blog…

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‘I genuinely believe that the greatest innovations over the next 50 years are going to come from psychology, not from technology.’

DBT7zpcXkAAHop-.jpg-large copy 9

‘Over and over again we found the same moral rules in culture after culture all over the world. All people everywhere more or less have the same moral impulses, all that changes is how they rank these morals.’

DBT7zpcXkAAHop-.jpg-large copy 8

‘Confidence is very badly, maybe even inversely, correlated with being right.’

‘Everyone likes winning, but that’s not the really big issue. It’s we can’t lose in a way that looks vulnerable, or that makes us look stupid. Living with the risk of losing and looking different, that’s really stressful to people.’

DBT7zpcXkAAHop-.jpg-large copy 7

‘How has a board game made people think twice about a complex issue where the media had otherwise failed’

DBT7zpcXkAAHop-.jpg-large copy 6

‘The big difference between policing Cornwall and London in the 1980s was how fractured the communities were. Everyone was part of policing in Cornwall, but in London it’s quite the opposite.’

DBT7zpcXkAAHop-.jpg-large copy 5

‘You see eyes, you take in the feeling and then you begin to wonder what they’re thinking. Our empathy comes from a large part of being able to identify rapidly their emotions.’

DBT7zpcXkAAHop-.jpg-large copy 4

‘The more diverse and loose and porous the better. Organisations operate better as a jazz ensemble than as a classical music orchestra. Closed tight networks are not what we want.’

DBT7zpcXkAAHop-.jpg-large copy 2

‘We constantly raise the bar for what we need to feel happy. Happiness is what we feel before we realise we need more. We’re also constantly making social comparisons, which means we feel less satisfied with what we have, as it all becomes relative.’

DBT7zpcXkAAHop-.jpg-large copy 3

‘Attributing blame does not help fix the problem’

All in all, a wonderful excuse to get out of London for a day, that was inspiring and thought provoking. Thanks to the Ogilvy Change for putting together this event – we’re already looking forward to next year’s!


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