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One step back, two steps forward

It’s never been more easy to be techno-dazzled, and so never more important to understand the things that won’t change…

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Nudgestock 2016 in 10 quotes

Another year, another brilliant Nudgestock. Here’s ten of the best moments…


If I only had a heart…

With the rise of the robots imminent, a return to Oz can remind us about what’s at the heart of great customer experiences…

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Trends Reunited

So Friends Reunited is no more. But it leaves us with lessons in social networking, online stalking, and the importance of keeping an eye on the trends shaping the world we live in.


Goggles, Heartbeats, and Novelty Socks. Welcome to 2016.

The future’s made of Virtual Reality, surrounded by beard-less Hipsters and colourful socks. Here’s my summary of the 2016 trends reports…

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The Way You Make Me Feel

If it’s true that the only thing that matters in life is how you make people feel, then what does this mean for a purposeful career and a customer-led company?


The Unexpected Brilliance of Cash-Only Experiences

How is it that a cash-only restaurant in the middle of London can be so successful? It’s all about the customer experience…