You Know You’re a Child of the 2010’s When…

This time last week, the future felt a very long way away. But suddenly, it feels as though it’s about to start tomorrow.

In the last few days alone, the US military have announced plans for Hoverbikes, Lexus released a prototype for Hoverboards, and the world’s first commercially available Jetpack has been given a launch date

So, inspired by this flurry of futuristic travel options, and perhaps partly influenced by finally watching Ex Machina and diving head-first into Humans, here’s how you’ll know you were a child of the 2010s…

Portrait of a small boy looking a tablet

1. You weighed your pockets down with a  big bunch of metal shapes everywhere you went, unable to get into your house without them

2. The ability to spend anything less than an hour getting to work, accompanied by people in suits staring at tiny screens, was seen as a luxury

3. Every time you bought something, you were given a tiny piece of paper with the date and the last few digits of your credit card on to carry around in your wallet for 30 days

4. You had a wallet

5. You had a Credit Card


6. You thought the USA would never win the World Cup. And you thought Women’s football was rubbish.

7. Your primary concern any time you went into a new office / conference venue / pub was whether they had plug sockets readily available for you to use

8. Virtual Reality was something that made your parents and grandparents sick


9. You wore a tie.

10. When you left the house for a holiday and your partner asked ‘Are you sure you turned the oven off / locked the door?’, you had to turn back to go and check.

11. Your television had wires appearing from every angle, connecting it to several small boxes, each of which did something fairly similar but slightly different


12. The first thing you did when arriving at a new hotel was ask for the Wifi code

13. Your parents only worked for one company at a time

14. You learnt to drive


If WordPress is still around in 20 years’ time, I might just check back on this article, and see how accurate it was…


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