Modern Day Fears

Forget spiders, snakes, and tall buildings. These are the things that really keep us up at night.

Digital Disasters

Forgetting your OnePassword

Losing your phone

Find My Friends giving away your location

Social Shame

Sending a DM – but it’s not a DM, it’s public

Accidentally liking old Facebook posts you’re stalking

Instagram making public the photos you’ve most viewed

WhatsApping the person you’re talking about rather than the group that they’re not part of

Meeting Mistakes

Forgetting you’re on camera on Zoom

Confracall not being on mute when you think it is

Phone not hanging up properly as you keep talking

Laptop camera spying on you

Musical Mishaps

Bluetooth headphones not connecting and playing something terrible to everyone

Farting whilst headphones are in

Phone sound playing on a different bluetooth speaker

Spotify playlists revealing true music loves at a house party

Photo Failures

Flash and sound playing when trying to take a sneaky photo

Someone taking a photo of you whilst asleep

Tourist checking the photo you’ve just taken for them

Taking a photo of yourself on the toilet

Customer Challenges

Getting a bad customer rating on Uber

Finding worrying things in your AirBnB apartment

Email Errors

Copy and pasting the wrong (inappropriate) thing

Autocorrecting to rude or inappropriate words

Copying in the person you’re emailing about

Trusting autocomplete in the recipient field and composing and sending something confidential

Pop-up problems

Someone else looking through your phone or laptop

Targeted ads showing your dodgy browsing history

Auto complete showing a dodgy website

Private notifications appearing on your screen 

Showing porn on a big presentation screen

Commuting Concerns

Someone walking into you holding a coffee when you’re on the way to work

Contactless not working and having to walk back through the crowd of people

Hit in the face with a fast-moving selfie stick‬

All photos from the brilliant or things I’ve actually seen and snapped myself.

Thanks for reading this, I really hope you enjoyed it. You can find me:

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